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Whether you’re rediscovering this remarkable grape first produced in the South of France, or taking your initial sip of a varietal now thriving in vineyards around the world, each glass of Malbec will take you on a unique journey.


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Malbec first came into its own in Cahors in the South of France but over time, Argentina has emerged as a superstar producer. 

Malbec first came into its own in Cahors in the South of France but over time, Argentina has emerged as a superstar producer. That doesn’t mean the buck stops with Argentina – indeed the Malbec is a varietal that thrives in regions around the globe, including Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and even Australia, which is home to some of the oldest Malbec vines in the world, dating back to the late 1890s. North Americans are also known to dabble with the Malbec grape, with wineries from the renowned Napa Valley, to Oregon and Washington State all known for their expressions of this much-loved wine.

Why Artisan Malbec?

We’re dedicated to bringing the Malbec of the world to the ever-growing number of Australians who have embarked on a love affair with this remarkable grape.

When it comes to your favourite varietal, it’s our mission to find the best expressions from around the world, so all you have to do is pour, sip and enjoy. We celebrate Malbec exclusively. This might seem niche, but we've made it our priority to focus on sourcing the best Malbec from around the world - so you don’t have to.

For our Malbec aficionados, we’ll also take care of everything you need to know to stay up-to-date on your favourite glass of red, from sharing the latest news, through to and exclusive interviews with winemakers and vintage reports, to food and wine matching, recipes and much more. We’ll also be bringing you the best wine varietals that grow alongside Malbec to showcase the diversity of different terroirs from some amazing wine regions.

Our promise to you

We promise to bring our members the best and most diverse Malbec expressions in all its wonderful forms – Old World, New World, museum stock, brand new releases and some wines that are a little left of centre, such as unique blends, organic styles, sparkling wines and Rosés. There is something for every palate with a fondness for the outstanding varietal that is Malbec.


Artisan Malbec members pick and choose their membership level – you may choose between three or six bottles packages delivered directly to your doorstep every three months, as well as the opportunity to purchase wines in addition to our carefully curated packages.

We look forward to opening up your palate to the literary world of Artisan Malbec.